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Working together to create meaningful solutions to the world’s most significant social challenges. Oakley,  knows everything in the world can and will be made better through design and innovation. They strive to design sustainable solutions, disrupt mediocrity and inspire for social and environmental excellence. 

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Oakley is the undisputed leader in sport performance sunglasses. It has invented numerous technologies which not only protect the eyes but also help the player to give the best performance. Oakley has introduced golf specific sunglasses which have been designed keeping in mind the  requirements of golfers.


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Oakley golf clothes may feature a number of different performance features. Engineered seams lay flat to promote a more natural feel and unrestricted movement. Mesh panels are strategically placed to enhance air flow, resulting in increased evaporation and maximum cooling. Advanced fabric that stretches and gives promotes a  full range of motion.

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Oakley golf  accessories will have you looking great and performing to your maximum potential. 
Oakley was created for world-class athletes, their golf apparel and accessories are made for those that

see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Great selection, low prices guaranteed.